“I Don’t Know What I’m Doing” Wednesday August 31, 2016

The meetings this morning didn’t make any sense. There were so many acronyms I couldn’t track what we were talking about. I think the morning was about PLCs which is some sort of community thing. And that had a bunch of jargon. Then we broke into teams to design common assessments for reading. I was given a laptop,but I didn’t realize I was supposed to bring it to the meeting. I had left it at home. So I sat their very awkwardly while the other people in my group typed stuff.

Then we got back together to address a new program they were using for taking attendance. Again, I was the ONLY one without my laptop so I had no idea what they were doing.

But I don’t think it matters because I don’t know any of my login information anyway.

Ug, anyway, after we broke for lunch I went back to my classroom and wasn’t even sure what else I had to do. So I played with the furniture. Then Dania gave me all of the lesson plans and I’ve been reading through them. She says I’m on my own for science and social studies. All of the second graders are on the same schedule (except different classes go to different specials) so we all do math and reading in the mornings and science and social studies in the afternoon.

I asked her what she’s doing for science and social studies and she said she likes to start with weather and does local history. She said I’m welcome to borrow her stuff to make copies, she told me just to come find her in her room.

I felt like since they already did all of my reading and math lessons that I should probably plan my own stuff for science and social studies. I have some unit plans from college that I would use except they’re for fourth grade. I’ve been Googling “second grade science lessons” and I honestly have no idea where I’m supposed to start. I’m very overwhelmed right now. I’m nervous. I feel like puking and peeing all the time.


“Setting Up My Classroom” Tuesday August 30, 2016

I’m exhausted. My mom picked me up at 8am and we worked until well past 6pm and I still feel like my classroom isn’t ready. For starters, Mrs. Halloway has a lot of stuff. Granted, it’s nice to have a full library, but all of the cabinets are full, her desk drawers are all crammed with papers, so I didn’t have space for a lot of my things.

My mom and I did get my bulletin boards papered. A teacher from my student teaching gave me all these dont_get_bootedcowboy things like paper horseshoes, number lines with lassos, really cute stuff. So my classroom has a Western theme!

I got my class list. It took most of the day making name tags. They have to have their names on their desk, they have mailboxes that I set up, they have their names on clips for their behavior clip chart.

I also had to make a rules sheet and my mom and I wrote out procedures on giant paper. There’s a bathroom sign out sheet and I had to make take home folders for all of my students.

I’m also missing a ton of supplies! My class list has 27 students. Although Connie says to expect at least 5 students to not show up. She says a lot of families move and the district is really bad about letting the old school know that they enrolled somewhere else.

watermark.phpBut even so, I only have 14 reading books. I asked Dania (Dah-nye-uh), the other second grade teacher (the older one) about it and she said not to worry about it. They only use it in emergencies and children can share.

The same thing is true for my math books. I have 11 math books. Again, Dania said that we usually make our own worksheets or print them from the Internet.

Another thing is my supply list. Students are supposed to bring their own supplies and I’m supposed to collect them all. The reason being is that not every student will show up with supplies and whatever I get I have to spread among everybody.

The rest of the weeks we have staff meetings in the mornings and we’re allowed to work in our classrooms in the afternoons. I’m not sure how much more time I need, but I feel a little stressed out to be coming in so late. I don’t know where ANYTHING is in the building. I’m worried I’ll get lost tomorrow trying to find the library for our meeting.

I need to keep reminding myself that I’m lucky to have this job.


“I GOT A TEACHING JOB (sort of)!!!” Monday August 29, 2016

giphyI DON’T BELIEVE IT!!! Man, way to wait until the last possible minute, universe! The interview was short which has me worried. They offered me the position on the spot and I even signed a contract. This is really cool, actually. So, I’m filling in for a teacher, Mrs. Halloway. Apparently they are unsure whether or not she is returning. So my name and Mrs. Halloway’s name will both be on everything.

But that doesn’t mean that if she shows up, I’m out of a job. No, no. My contract is for the entire school year. I’ll be making $32,000! That’s way more than the barely 20K I would’ve made as a regular substitute. They said if she comes back that I’ll be a resource teacher and will help out by pulling kids out for stuff.

This is so awesome! They showed me my classroom, that’s right, MY CLASSROOM! They said I can do whatever I want with the classroom. I have my own desk and a locker to keep my stuff and even a key to the building.

The principal, Connie Belstead, said this worked out nicely because I didn’t have to be fingerprinted or anything since I’m in the system as a substitute. She said that the school did have training over the summer, but that I have to talk to the other second grade teachers to fill me in. I can’t remember the names of the other second grade teachers, but there are two of them and me. One of them taught at the school last year and the other is an older woman who has been there for 15 years. They seem nice, which is great considering I’ll be completely dependent on them for lesson planning. They said that they have the first month’s reading and math completely planned out.

I can’t believe it, you know? My mom is taking tomorrow off and bringing me all of my stuff from student teaching. She’s going to help me set up my bulletin boards tomorrow.


“A Job Interview: Not Too Late!” Sunday August 28, 2016

tumblr_mnscz7iig01r1p25go1_500I just got off of the phone with the principal from Beecher Elementary school! It’s a second grade position. Technically it would be a “long term” substitute position, but the rate for that is much more than the day-to-day rate. Anyway, the interview is tomorrow!

I looked up the school and there wasn’t that much information. It’s an inner city school which means high poverty and free and reduced lunches and all that. I’ll find out more information tomorrow. The good news is that I can get to the school by only taking one bus and walking like two blocks. Google Maps gives it a 28 minute commute.

This would be steady paying job which is I could really use. Losing hours at the bar was causing me some financial worries. If I don’t get this job and I don’t get any substitute teaching gigs, I might be out on my ass (or back with my parents) real quick.

“My Hours Have Been Cut” Saturday August 27, 2016

boredI guess with college starting back up or something, our restaurant doesn’t do as much business. My hours have been cut back. I now only have to work Friday and Saturday nights from 4pm until Ashley or the bartender wants me to leave. Usually around 11pm. So that’s disappointing. I’ll start substitute teaching in a couple of weeks. Hopefully that will cheer me up.

In other news. There is no other news. I haven’t received any dick pics, Johnny hasn’t contacted me, I haven’t met anybody new. If anything I noticed a new roll of fat when I bend over. That’s about all. I can’t imagine this blog getting any better if something doesn’t happen to me.


“Am I Depressed? I Can’t Tell.” Wednesday August 24, 2016

giphy-facebook_sMatt texted me again this morning to ask how my night went last night. I found myself texting him back. My replies were short, but I didn’t think he was going to get the hint. He asked if I had any time free coming up and I told him that school would be starting up soon and that I would be busy for the foreseeable future. Then he politely just said that he’d be happy to hang out again whenever I’d like and to text him whenever I’m free.

And Zooey might as well have moved in with Graham. She hasn’t been around at all. I was teasing her earlier not to do too much with her boyfriend as to not give him a heart attack and maybe some shots about him using Viagra. They were not appreciated. She called me immature and told me to grow up.

So, now I’m alone in my apartment. I have no money, no friends, and no boyfriend. Oh, and no teaching job. I’ll start substitute teaching, but I imagine that there won’t be very many opportunities the first couple of weeks.

Also, I didn’t bother setting up my Tinder account. It’s not like Zooey is playing the field. Graham has pretty much taken her out or cooked for her every night. Her vision of us dating at the same time is no longer active.

So that’s my life, I guess.


“Maybe I Should Date Older Men” Tuesday August 23, 2016

Zooey basically spent the weekend over at Graham’s. That’s right, Graham. As in the cracker. Graham is the 41 year old she met on Tinder. He took her out for a wine and cheese tasting on Saturday night, she stayed at his place, and they spent the whole day together on Sunday. He just picked her up tonight to take her out to dinner.

I’ll admit I’m a little jealous. Zooey seems giddy. Apparently that wine and cheese tasting was like a $200 bill. But that makes sense. Graham’s city planner and is one of the assholes responsible for all the constant construction going on in this city’s obnoxious interstate system. So, yeah, Graham’s doing all right.

Quigmans 4-22-10But I asked Zooey what they had in common and she said that they’re both “like-minded” people which means nothing. I know what they talk about. They talk about Zooey. That’s the only thing they could possibly have in common. But when I pressed her to define “like-minded” she talked about how they both believe in fate, and reincarnation, and signs, and that they love to talk about human nature and philosophy and blah blah blah.

I asked her how long she thought this would last and she said she doesn’t care. She’s going to enjoy fancy dinners and being treated with respect for as long as she can.

I told Ashley about this when they came into the bar. Ashley says that guys like that go through a different 20-year old every month. The novelty of dating an older man wears off, the girl starts to want a serious commitment, and he cuts her loose for the next pair of tits.

Maybe I’m being unfair. 41 isn’t THAT old. I dunno. I’m also upset at Zooey because I wanted to talk to her about what to do about Matt, but she wasn’t interested.

Matt texted me today asking if I wanted to go to a movie tonight and I told him I was busy. I’m not. I’m really not.


“I Don’t Think It’s Going to Work” Monday, August 22, 2016

I didn’t have to work last night. The restaurant was rented out for a private party and I guess they didn’t need me. Which was great because I slept until 6pm anyway. My sleep schedule is really messed up. I’m going to be in big trouble when school starts up again after Labor Day.

Anyway, I hung out with Matt today. It was silly but we had a tourist-y day. The weather was AWESOME! I mentioned that there were places I haven’t seen yet that are famous in the city and Matt told me he would take me.

But whatever spark there was last night that kept us talking for hours was gone today.

tumblr_m6roaz9EaX1r5t6t1o1_500There were A LOT of awkward silences. It was becoming more apparent that we don’t have a lot in common. He’s really into science fiction and comic books and craft beer. I’m more into 50 Shades of Grey and New Girl and girlie drinks. He likes metal music, I don’t even know who sings most of my favorite songs. He grew up in the city, I’m from the suburbs. He has a really interesting job and I don’t.

He’s a super nice guy. He paid for most of the attractions we saw, he held the door for me, he even took me out to lunch. It was a great date. Except I don’t think I really like him. He’s not even really my type. He has a thick, bushy beard and wears glasses. I like my guys more clean cut.

I can’t imagine that he was having a good time. I’m sure he’s seen these sights a hundred times. I wasn’t even really that impressed. I was never too impressed with architecture and I’m not a fan of heights.

I’m not really sure what to do if he texts me again. I should probably just tell him I’m not interested. But I’m also worried about how Ashley’s going to feel. She saw us hitting it off and I don’t want to hurt her feelings. I’m sure she’ll understand.