“Too Late!” Wednesday July 27, 2016

Zooey’s moving into her new apartment August 1st. With Taylor. I decided at the last GIF-bummed-disappointed-figures-nod-satisfied-yep-GIFminute yesterday night while I was scrubbing the dishes so I could have a clean plate that I would rather live with Zooey. I texted her but she told me that Taylor already agreed. Then Zooey was like, “I can tell Taylor no, or we can find a 3 bdrm” and I told her never mind. As long as she has a roommate. And then I gave her all the reasons why I should stay with Johnny.

So I’m bummed. I really liked Zooey’s place. But it was too far to walk to work. I’d have to take the bus or my car. Oh well. 😦


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