“Where to live?” Monday July 25, 2016

Zooey’s on her way over. She just had a job interview at a rehabilitation clinic and she says given her recommendation from her old boss and the fact that the clinic is owed by the same company she works at now, she’s 99% confident she got the job.

tumblr_ls2ri4fdue1qiros0o1_500The neighborhood is much trendier and nicer than my current neighborhood. She’s coming over and I’m going to help her look for an apartment.

I told her I don’t want to move. I JUST moved. Well, technically, Johnny and his friends moved my stuff for me. I just now am feeling like I’m unpacked and settled in.

Zooey is of course begging me to reconsider living with her. She says she needs someone to teach her how to live in the city. And she kept making all these points about how Johnny doesn’t even really want me there since he’s dating T-Bo and Petty. (ha. ha.)

Zooey also makes good money and said she would only charge me what I’m paying now. We could find a place between our two jobs. Blah, blah, blah.

I haven’t even lived with Johnny a month, but it feels much longer than that. I told her that I might want to move again if I find a teaching job. And I don’t want to leave the boys stuck with my share of the rent. Then Zooey pointed out that between the three of them my share of the rent is less than what they spend on one night of drinking.

She makes some good points and she is my best (and only) friend. But maybe that’s why we shouldn’t live together. She’s pretty messy, too. I’m not sure if I could live her.

Zooey says she doesn’t want to live alone or with a stranger. She’s too scared. She has another friend, Taylor, who lives at home and actually commutes into the city. She said she would live with Zooey, but Zooey said the same thing—she’s worried living with Taylor would ruin the friendship and she doesn’t know Taylor that well.

So I’m in a tight spot. I think I’ll stay firm about not moving. It’ll probably depend on the kind of place she finds.


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