“Obnoxious Drunks” Sunday July 17, 2016

I worked the late shift last night. And let met just say, it’s very uncomfortable to be stone-cold sober among drunk idiots. And there were some DRUUUUUNKS last night. So drunk that they can’t keep their eyes open long enough to get their debit cards from their wallets.

6042_I-was-so-drunk-last-night-at-the-bar_faadooindia.com_So drunk that they stop talking in the middle of an order to stare at something.

So drunk that they actually fall asleep at the bar.

So drunk that they leave while I’m running their credit card.

So drunk that they’re not even hiding the fact that they’re staring at my chest.

And perhaps it’s just because I wasn’t drinking that drunks seem MORE annoying, but still. My manager doesn’t seem too concerned about over serving people. He says most people don’t drive. There is an EL stop right on the corner.

I did tell one table that I think they had enough. Then they said that they were all walking home. I made them order mozzarella sticks and gave them one more round. But they were really obnoxious.

Speaking of obnoxious, Johnny and his friends were very rude to me. They came in and had a lot. Fortunately they paid and gave me a big tip. But they kept teasing me and calling me “Bar Wench”. I didn’t think it was that funny.

Johnny and I haven’t really been talking much. I think we’re avoiding a fight about how much of slob he is and how he doesn’t seem to care about me when T-Bo and Petty are around. Although that’s nothing new.

We’re going out to dinner tonight. Our first date since we’ve moved in together. I’ll tell you how it goes tomorrow.



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