“First Shift as a Waitress” Thursday July 14, 2016

tumblr_n3u4bemwrF1qj1mcro1_500That wasn’t so bad. I like the bar! The girl who trained me, Ashley, was super nice. She said my timing couldn’t have been better since they just had a waitress quit. Ashley’s been working there for 10 years! I like the fact that we can wear whatever we want to work because that’s the same at the coffee shop. However, Ashley told me to show as much cleavage as possible. She said that the bottles are all kept in coolers under the bar which means the guys at the bar get a show, and all of the tables are high tops.

tumblr_n5c1tl5xw11r3ngh1o1_500I always hear bartenders and waitress brag about how much money they make in one night. I only make $6.00 an hour plus tips. I wasn’t able to get my tips because they divide them evenly across the whole night at the end of the shift for all the staff (waitress, bartenders, kitchen). So I’ll find out tomorrow. Ashley said she can make about $500 on a good Friday or Saturday night but it’s usually closer to three or four hundred.

I can either go back tonight at 2am when they close or pick up my tips tomorrow afternoon. The manager said I seemed to handle myself this evening and that I can work tomorrow night if I wanted to, but he understands I have another job.

I asked him how many shifts he could give me and he said this summer has been really busy and he wants to add a waitress on for the weekends. And with having a waitress just quit he’s really desperate for people.

I told him that I can work tomorrow night.

I’m going to quit the coffee shop job.


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