“Part-time Job Found!” Wednesday July 13, 2016

I must have good timing! The manager just called me and asked if I could awkward-gifstart tomorrow night. Which is what I feared since I have to work Friday morning.

Fortunately it’s what he calls a “training/tryout shift.” It’s from 5pm to 9pm. I’ll shadow someone for the first two hours then be on my own the next two hours. He emailed me the menu and told me to memorize it. It’s a fairly simple menu. I should be fine. I’m good at remembering orders. They have typical bar food.

I was a hostess at an Applebee’s for about one summer so I’m not without restaurant experience completely. Fortunately, the restaurant I’m working at isn’t a chain and not very big. It’s a little divey, actually.

He said if the bartender is busy I might have to pour my own drafts. He asked if I was comfortable mixing drinks and I was honest and told him no.

I’m a little nervous. But, the boys are going to be really excited.


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