“Part-time Job Search” Tuesday July 12, 2016

I think I might be getting a job at the restaurant across the street. I’m not really into applying online and Craigslist scares me. I’d rather just walk in and talk to the manager. I’ve learned that the people we hire at the coffee shop are usually customers who just casually ask if we’re hiring.

rs_490x252-130924164450-tumblr_inline_mr8cxpB9Ak1qz4rgp-8.26.52-amAnyway, I went over there around 3 because I knew it would be dead and I asked to talk to the manager. I introduced myself, told him that I just moved in across the street and could really use a part-time job. He let me fill out an application and seemed impressed with me.

I might sound totally cocky, but I look like a waitress. In the city, they’re all young, tattooed, pierced, and have a sort of bitchy confidence to them. That’s basically me.

The service industry is not for the weak. Customers are assholes and you need a thick skin.

He asked if I could work weekends, and of course I said yes. Even though working there at night and then going to the coffee shop in the morning would be awful. Maybe if this works out I can give up some of my shifts at the coffee shop.

We’ll see!



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