“Money Woes” Monday July 11, 2016

Just got off of my day shift. It was actually pretty good. I didn’t realize that there was such an after-lunch rush. Good thing everyone else in the world is overtired and operating on caffeine, too.

I’m good at my job and being extra nice to the customers really does fill the tip jar. It’s unfortunate that we accept credit and debit cards. I have a feeling if I received every person’s change I wouldn’t be desperate for cash.

There’s a line on their receipt for a tip. It’s customary to tip at least a dollar per drink, but many—most—people don’t write anything.

tumblr_inline_minvg12dwn1qz4rgpI make more than minimum wage, but I’m operating on such a tight budget that I don’t even want to drive out to the apartment because I don’t want to pay for the gas.

But I don’t have to work tomorrow and if I stay here Lou’s going to make me clean the house and run errands for him. I at least have an escape. I think tomorrow I’m going to look for a part-time job near the apartment. I was thinking if I’m substitute teaching I would still have my weekends free. I need to shower here though. The water pressure at the apartment sucks.


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