“I Guess My Roommates Drink Every Night Now” Wednesday July 6, 2016

giphyLast night they went out to drink because it was Johnny’s first day at the company. Fine, I get that. It’s for a celebration.

So they didn’t “go out” tonight. They decided to “stay in” and get crap-faced. Also, they said they can’t smoke weed at the bar, so, yeah, by all means make all of my new stuff smell like skunk.

And it’s not like they can hang out and be quiet either. I’m complaining. I’m tired, I’d like to go to sleep but I’m actually a fairly light sleeper.

I’m tired because I woke up at 330 to work. I can sleep in tomorrow, but my body usually doesn’t let me stay asleep much past 6.

I could also drink with the boys, but they’re playing a video game that I don’t 48straighthoursofvidya_zps7fd7c587understand and when they play that game they don’t really knowledge me anyway.

I told Johnny I had to fill out more applications. Which I did. Even though that last interview left me with a deflated ego. I texted Zooey awhile ago and she hasn’t texted back.

I didn’t work with Jason today, but he texted me to ask how my shift went. We texted for awhile. He doesn’t know how to make it official with him and Emmy. I told him to just ask her. He said he tried and she’s not sure. I think she doesn’t want to commit because I don’t think she really likes him. Jason didn’t think about that.

Oh well, I guess I’ll just play on my phone until Johnny’s done playing with his friends. :-/



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