“Worst Interview Ever” Tuesday July 5, 2016

That SUCKED!!!! First of all, I got lost trying to find the school. I put the address into my phone but when my phone said “You have arrived” I was no where near anything that looked like a school.

So then I got back on Google and went the school’s homepage hoping to find written directions. Nope.

The embarrassing thing was when the woman was setting up the interview and asked if I needed directions to the school I said, “Nope, I should be fine” with that false confidence I give for all interview situations.

So I backtrack looking for “school zone” signs or something. But before I know it it’s past my interview time so I call the school.

No answer.

At this point my mouth has gone dry, my palms are sweating, (0ther things are sweating), and I’m lost.

too fastI call again. No answer.

I call a third time and as I’m leaving a voicemail I get an incoming call.

I switch to the other call and sure enough it’s the principal. He asks if I’m still coming.

I tell him the truth, that I got lost. He gives me an intersection then tells me to go north. Who the f*ck uses “north”?

But I use the intersection and my phone’s compass to figure out “north”. I get to the interview 15 minutes late. Not bad, but now it seems like the principal is rushing. He’s not really looking at me and when I give my answers, he’s just sort of “uh-huh. okay.”

After 20 minutes, he asks if I have any questions for him. And I can’t think of anything to ask him. I actually say “I dunno…” and then just shrug.

And then he walked me out of his office.

Epic fail.



2 thoughts on ““Worst Interview Ever” Tuesday July 5, 2016

  1. Been there!!! My very first interview for a teaching position, I kid you not, I forcefully told the entire room of administrators that lunch was very important to me…not once, no ma’am, three times during the interview 😱 when I left the interview, I went to my vehicle, laid my head on the steering wheel & thought; “well, that was great experience on WHAT NOT TO DO EVER AGAIN”…like go to an interview hungry, and prayed for more interviews to come! (At other districts). I did not get one single interview call from any other district. But I’ll be danged it they didn’t hire me!!! πŸ€— maybe lunch is important to them too 😜
    Hopefully you had the opportunity to explain to them your gps failed you. I think everyone has had gps drive them to no where at least once. πŸ˜‘

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