“Moving Day” Friday July 1, 2016

6-Tips-to-Overcome-Moving-Day-StressI’m so tired. Believe it or not, T-Bo, Hank, and Johnny did most of the moving today. They all had the day off. I had to work. I’m not actually sure what Hank does. I think he’s a cook, actually. He had to work tonight.

Anyway, my room is basically set up. We don’t have internet yet, so I’m on public Wi-Fi (hackers, please don’t steal my identity). Our room is too small. With my dresser, Johnny’s dresser and our bed, there’s only enough room for one person to walk. And our bed’s only a full-size.

Unsurprisingly, the boys all went across the street to have “a” beer. That was after we ate Chinese take-out several hours ago.

Oh well, I really need to go to sleep. It’s going to take me 35 minutes to drive to work in the morning instead of my usual 5. (Although at 33oam there shouldn’t be much traffic).

It’s just hard to sleep with so much unpacking left to do.



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