“I Don’t Think I Like Drinking Anymore” Thursday June 30, 2016

yoga-for-hangoversI’m so hungover. Yes, I went out last night. It was with all of my future roommates and Hank. We were celebrating the fact that Johnny got the job!

He’s not sure what the job is, but it’s a full-time job with all the benefits. T-Bo and Petty were very excited.

So we went out to that bar across the street from our new place and slept on the floor at Hanks.

And I have to give props to T-Bo and Petty. They went to work today after we closed the bars last night. I heard them leave around 8. I’m actually impressed.

I don’t remember what I was drinking so I’ve decided to just never drink anything again. And I don’t remember ever being physically exhausted, but I feel like I was in boxing match last night. It hurts to type and the brightness of the screen is hurting my eyes. I’m going to go throw up again and try to go back to sleep.



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