“Another Job Lead” Wednesday June 29, 2016

I got another interview lined up! This one is pretty far away, but it’s a new school. They’ve only been open for a couple of years and that area is growing. So they’re actually looking to fill four positions. I’m being interviewed for the first grade position, but will be considered for the others!

fight-low-payI’m not too excited to have to commute 40 miles one way and it’s REALLY bad timing considering I just signed my lease, but I guess that’s my life.

I could always pass on the job, but I would probably make twice as much money as a full-time teacher than I’ll make as a substitute teacher. I only make $110 per day. Even if I work all 180 school days that’s still less than $20k per year.

I guess I get a bump after the first 30 full days of working, but that’s still a really shitty wage. Not to mention that I don’t have healthcare benefits. They do pay into retirement, though.

The interview is next Tuesday. I was planning on staying at the loft, but the house is closer and I don’t want to risk getting lost or being late. However, Google maps still says it’ll take over an hour to get there.

Also, I’ve been packing for two days. I’m pretty good at it, though. It’s the same routine I did to pack up each year to go to college.



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