“Substitute Teaching Training” Monday June 27, 2016

I’m officially trained to be a substitute teacher. I lucked out that we signed the lease yesterday because they wanted proof that I reside in the city limits.

It was a full classroom of people of all different types. We filled out our tax paperwork and then a whole bunch of other stuff. The training took forever because they apparently must hire people that have never taught before!

I didn’t think that was allowed, but I might be wrong. The training was basically all the “no’s” of teaching. No touching or beating the students, no racial slurs, no swearing, no inappropriate clothing, no giving out personal information, etc.

bored-young-student-woman-desk-18070412It’s kinda sad that this kind of training is even necessary. I would feel like the only reason they would tell us not to give out our personal phone number to students is because some substitute must have done that at some point.

The other training part was actually useful. How to get our assignments. It’s all online. Teachers post days that they need off and we get to select them. Teachers can request us, too, which is cool. They said it’s important to check it often because good positions are snatched up fast.

Also, if we don’t have an assignment for that day and a position still hasn’t been filled then we can be called as early as 5 am. The woman running the training says that usually teachers are good about putting in for a substitute, but in case of an emergency she really needs us to cooperate.

I guess I’m excited to at least have a Plan B. The people in the training were either my age or really old.


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