“Things Are Looking Good!” Saturday June 25, 2016

Tomorrow after my shift I’m going to go downtown to look at the apartment with Johnny, T-Bo, and Petty. Johnny went to school in the city and roomed with T-Bo and Petty before. T-Bo and Petty are both computer science majors. They work together at an online coupon company based in the city. They’re apparently very intelligent but I’ve only seen them act like complete morons.

rs_560x415-150202182918-1024-new-girl-the-swuit.jw.2215I spent most of the day texting Johnny to get more details. I didn’t realize that we would be moving in so quickly but this apartment just became available and they were referred by their other friend who apparently lives in the building.

T-Bo already put in the application and I guess we’ll be signing the lease tomorrow. I have to come up with my share of the security deposit and my share of the first month’s rent which is basically all of my money. But, the idea of having my OWN place is pretty awesome!

I’ll probably still stay at my parent’s place when I have to work at the coffee shop and spend my days off in the apartment. Until I start substitute teaching in the fall.

I’m so excited!


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