“Things are Falling Into Place” Friday June 24, 2016

eventually-all-the-pieces-fall-into-placeFirst off, I think things are okay between me and Jason. He told me he started dating a girl from his school. I’ve been giving him advice and LOVING how shy and silly teenagers are! I think our (ahem) “experience” together has brought us closer together. I’m rooting for him and his little “girlfriend.” She’s adorable and came into the coffee shop today. It was a little awkward meeting her, but Jason also told me that they haven’t “done it” yet. LOL

As for me and Johnny, I think he’s actually serious about getting a place in the city. He said T-Bo put in an application at a place in the same neighborhood as his other group of friends. It’s a three bedroom/two bath. Johnny and I would get to share the master bedroom and have our own bathroom and T-Bo and Petty would get their own room. The rent is $2100 a month which means I would owe $525 plus utilities. So… hopefully I won’t have to commute an hour each way to work at the coffee shop.

I put in a couple of applications for the city school district. I applied for a substitute teaching job yesterday and received a call from them today. The woman from the district said that since I was new to the district I would have to attend a training on Monday. It’s an all day training, so I have to be there at 9am and it goes until 5pm!

So in less than a couple of days I already have a place to live and a job as a substitute teacher!


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