“My Life as a Barista” Wednesday June 15, 2016

I suppose if it doesn’t work out being a teacher I could be comfortably depressed making lattes the rest of my life. Although, how often do you ever see a middle-aged barista? Never. That’s because retail, especially food-based retail, is a young-person’s field (or is supposed to be). Unless you’re like my mom who has worked at JC Penny’s or another clothing chain for twenty years.

poca_barista_by_tombancroft-d7jey0wCoffee shops are supposed to be peaceful. For the most part the coffee shop I work at is perfect. Our rushes are never so slammed that people have to wait more than 5 minutes to get their order, and usually there are free tables.

But like pretty much every part-time job, it’s not what you do, it’s who you’re with. And I work with some pretty cool people. Today, I worked with the high school kid, Jason. He’s awesome! He’s going to be a senior this year and was hired when he got his driver’s license last spring.

I mean he definitely made me feel OLD considering I’m done with college and he’s still in high school. But he’s a funny guy. He already recognizes our regulars, but he doesn’t call them by their drink order like I do. He has cute nicknames for them like “Bendryl Lady,” “Yoga Pants Mom,” and “Paul Scheer.”

Actually, come to think of it Jason has a talent for naming the celebrity 69abf59620f057c238b6516dfb1464b0our customers most look like. It was a fun game! Jason says I look the most like Anne Hathaway which is not too shabby 😉

I also spent a lot of time teasing him about all of his friends that came in to talk to him. It was ridiculous! I had jobs throughout high school and other than Zooey, I don’t think anybody came in to bug me. (Although, now that I think about it, I didn’t really have a lot of friends.)

And even though I only spent one shift with Jason I can tell he isn’t the same around me as he is with his friends. I suppose technically I’m his supervisor, but he acted really shy around his friends and told them that he had to work.

I thought maybe it was because he liked one of the girls that came in, but he swears that she isn’t interested in him. (I’m certain Jason’s a virgin!)

I’m almost adjusting to working mornings again. Johnny had the morning off and said he was going to visit me at work, but ended up sleeping pretty much the whole day and said he had to go shopping. We talked briefly during the day but he has to work tonight anyway.

I haven’t gotten up the nerve to bring up moving in together again.

Oh, and no word yet from my interview.





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