“Interviewing Is … ” Monday June 13, 2016

Today I had my first preliminary interview. I can’t say it went well, but I also can’t say it was a complete disaster.

havenicedayblogThe interview was with the principal, some other admin, and one of the third grade teachers. They all seemed really nice and there was a lot of laughing, which I think was a good thing.

I tried to be as honest as possible, but it’s really hard to answer an interview question about a classroom that I’ve never had.

“Tell me how you handle behaviors.”

“Oh, I have lots of experience handling behaviors.”

“… Like what?”

“Sorry, what was the question?”

I’m exaggerating, but that was how it was. They said a bunch of acronyms that I had never heard before. On those I couldn’t bullshit.

“How did your school handle MAP testing?”

“We didn’t cover much Geography.”

“Did your school follow a PBIS?”

“You mean that channel that plays Sesame Street?”

I strongly believe though, that my answers are probably 10% of the interview. 90% of the interview is unspoken: my attitude, my confidence, my body language, my personality. They could be interviewing me about my experience ordering Chinese food and they wouldn’t hear anything I say, but rather just observe my behavior and decide whether I have the personality that fits the position.


Unless you’re applying for a very content-specific position, such as computer programmer or something, but even then the experience you listed on your resume is probably already enough to get hired.

Teaching is different. Every teacher is different. They can try to train teachers to teach the same material, and even show the ways to teach the material, but deep down a teaching is a personal relationship.

When kids say, “I love my teacher!” that’s because they love the person teaching. Kids don’t say, “I love third grade instruction!”

So that’s really the only prayer I have of landing a job because I’ll never have enough experience until I have enough experience.

They said the next step was to come in and teach a demo lesson to a summer school class. Fingers-crossed I get called!



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