“Guess What?!” Sunday June 12, 2016

First off. I managed to stay up until 7 o’clock last night, which means I got nearly a full night’s sleep last night. Which makes the day go by SOOO much better.

I made good tips for a Sunday. Better than Saturday. If I had to guess I’d say it was because I didn’t look like a total zombie and was awake enough to be friendly and flirty.

3qlspkWhich made my phone call right when I finished my shift extra sweet. It was THE PRINCIPAL from Archer Elementary just asking if I could come in this week for a preliminary interview. HA!

I don’t know what a preliminary interview is, but I’m happy I passed the screening!

So I have my first official job interview tomorrow at noon!!!!

Biggest question is really “What should I wear?”


I have some nice “teaching clothes” that I wore for student teaching. But I really want to go shopping and get something new. I think new clothes just look better for some reason.

I’m worried that I made the interview too early in the week. I think they’re interviewing people all week so I hope I’m not forgotten by the end of the week. I also have Thursday off. I should’ve made it for then.

Anyway, good news, right?! Zooey texted me this morning and said I would get the interview. She’s kinda psychic sometimes. When I told her, she wasn’t surprised.

Actually, I’m glad the interview is tomorrow. If it was later in the week I wouldn’t be able to sleep or think or focus.

Breathe, Jessie, breathe.



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