“Phone Interview” Friday June 10, 2016

anxiety-girl-funny-quotesWell that was a disaster. I think I must have said “um” like 2,000 times in the span of 10 minutes.

Talk about nervous. So this woman calls me right when they said they would. When my phone vibrated I almost crapped my pants. My hand was shaking so badly I could barely answer it.

She seemed really sweet, tho. I think she was from the district office, too and not the school. She said this was a standard phone screening that will apply to all positions for the entire district.

Which means if I mess it up, I won’t be considered for any of the other jobs in that district.

She said the phone call would be recorded and that to just answer honestly.

I could barely remember my own name let alone ANY experiences from my 5e323b04a6d22d4be5af1305f383db896cf85359f209e1288868f6ce04bcc6festudent teaching! It was all, tell me about a time in your classroom when you had to deal with a disruptive student, tell me about a time in your classroom where a lesson didn’t go well, tell me about your experience working and planning as a team…

um… um… um… uh… um…

I straight up lied. I had NOTHING else. I just started to tell her things that I thought she would want to hear. It was all “inspired” by my students and coworkers, but I don’t think anything I said actually happened.

What else could I do? Tell her, “Nope, sorry. I have zero experience and I’m not qualified”???

She kept saying, “good, that’s good” after my answers. I don’t know. I feel like puking.

She said that interviews will begin next week so I’ll know later today or on Monday if I got an interview.



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