“Finally, A Lead!” Thursday June 9, 2016

Omigod! I finally heard back from a school! And not just ANY school, a school right down the street from my house! It’s at Archer Elementary, which is the elementary school that feeds into my old middle school, so I’m actually a product of that school district.

A woman from the district office called me to schedule a phone screening. I was terrified while talking to her!

I couldn’t believe a school actually likes me!

They’re going to call me tomorrow morning. There’s not a whole lot I can do to prepare other than have a reliable phone and quiet place to talk. She said it would take about a half hour.

I read up on the school. The position is for a third grade teacher. The school has a good report card from the state. There’s not a lot of free and reduced lunch, which means most of the kids are probably pretty good.

I’m nervous! This could be my only chance to get a job. I haven’t heard from any other schools.

I put this application in recently, too. Fingers crossed!


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