“New Responsibilities” Tuesday June 7, 2016

I just had “a talk” with my mom and step-dad. I should probably give some history here. My mom left my real dad when I was 3. My real dad is a drunk and drug-addict and other than a handful of very awkward phone calls and one or two uncomfortable visits, I haven’t seen my dad at all. My mom and I don’t have a relationship with him.

For most of my childhood it was just me and my mom, and my aunt Fran. I stayed with Aunt Fran when my mom had to work. I’m also incredibly close to my two cousins, Zander and Zooey, who basically were my brother and sister growing up.

working mom comedy cartoonWhen I started kindergarten my mom and I moved to the worst part of a nice city so I could go to a good school. We lived in a two-bedroom apartment until I was about 10 or 11 years old.  But I spent most of my time at Zander and Zooey’s. Aunt Fran only worked part-time and her husband, Uncle Roger, works at a bank.

When I started middle school, we moved in with Lou, my step-dad. Lou has a son, Daryl, my step-brother that stays with us every other weekend. Daryl is 15 and we don’t get along. He was cute as a little kid when we first moved in but now he’s at that creepy teenage-boy stage. I’m fairly certain he goes through my stuff if I’m not home. Gross!

Lou is ten years older than my mom. My mom had me when she was 20. She was not married to my dad.

When we moved in with Lou my mom was noticeably, significantly happier. Lou’s a civil engineer or something like that and is able to take care of me and my mom. Although, he likes to talk about how his ex-wife took him for everything he had.

There was some adjustments when we moved in with Lou. My mom does whatever Lou says. She doesn’t stand up for herself and certainly does not stand up for me. Whatever Lou says, that’s what happens.

Like when I wanted to go out of state for school, Lou said it would cost too much and I can get a better education in state. Or how I wanted to buy a Ford Fusion but Lou wanted me to get a Honda. Stuff like that.Broke-college-graduate

Okay, the talk. Right.

Lou said that he and my mom would continue to support me through the summer so I can look for a teaching job and save up money to find an apartment. But at the end of the summer, job or no job, I’d have to start paying for things myself and accept new responsibilities. 131841_600_590_369

Specifically my car insurance, car payments, phone payments, student loans, and possibly even pitch in to start buying my own food and maybe even pitch in rent!

I don’t think Lou realizes just how little money I make working random shifts at the coffee shop! He’s asking for like $650 a month! That would be more than half of the money I make. He told me that I have about $30,000 in student loans and that the debt is my responsibility because they don’t have that much money!

And of course my mom supports him. They eat out all the time and Lou drives a freakin’ Audi! It’s not fair! I don’t see how I’m even able to move out if I have to pay for everything that my parents are supposed to provide me!

student-debt-cartoon-bigI thought the whole goal of being a good parent is to save enough money to send their kid to college.

At this point the only way I’d be able to live on my own is if I have a roommate. It’d be much easier for Johnny and me to live together…

Apparently I don’t have to start paying on my student loans for another 6 months. Lou says I’ll owe close to $300 each month so “I better start saving now so as not be unprepared”

Of course I’m sure when Daryl goes to college (if he even gets into college considering he’s a dumbass) Lou will pay for everything.

Well, better look at more more job postings.






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