“My First Day Of Summer” Monday June 6, 2016

In some ways I’m retired from college. And since my career choice is teaching, I’d like to not feel guilty for taking a summer day off.


Let me explain how I spent my day.

6:00AM–11:00AM: wake up to pee, crawl back into bed with phone, check stuff, play games, fall back to sleep.

11:00–11:30AM: breakfast—cinnamon toast crunch, K-cup, banana

11:30AM–12:30PM: watch New Girl and The Simpsons.

12:30PM–1:30PM: brush teeth, go for a jog

1:30–2:30PM: stretch and shower

2:30–4:00PM: lunch—a bowl of popcorn, oreos and peanut putter, more TV

4:00–5:00PM: check job postings. Apply for 1 more position.

5:00–6:00PM: dinner—mom brought home Jimmy John’s; started laundry

6:00–8:00PM: watched Zoolander 2 (meh); texted cousin

8:00–9:00PM: folded laundry, more oreos, watched more New Girl

9:00—now: pinterest, then blog



What do you think?

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