“Now What Do I Do?” Sunday June 5, 2016

I saw Johnny last night. He bought me a charm bracelet that says “teachers make a difference” and it has an apple charm on it. It’s really cute and thoughtful. We talked about Friday night and made up, for the moment.

I suppose we both didn’t consider the other person’s feelings. I was selfish to change plans and he was selfish for not being flexible. Fine.

in_the_doghouseI told him that I was still mad about him fir not at least thinking about getting an apartment together. He said he wanted to save up money by living at home and that if we both find a job somewhere and are making decent money then we can look for a place together.

I don’t want to get married or anything. I just want to be sure I’m someone who is thinking about marriage down the line.

We ended up in my basement just watching a movie.

It’s weird because I don’t have anywhere to go tomorrow. Or all next week, actually. I’m starting my old job up at the coffee shop again this Saturday. I’m not the only student that works there, so getting enough shifts this summer might be tricky. I told them that I’d work the morning shifts. I start work at 4:00AM on Saturday. Ug. But I’m opening, so that’s kinda nice. I work a full shift and get off at noon. They also said I might have to train some new people.

Johnny and I are going to be working different hours this summer. He works evenings; usually 300 to 1030. By the time he gets home, I’ll already be in bed.

Still, I don’t mind working mornings. It’s usually steady business and the shift goes by quickly.

My mom said if I don’t get enough hours at the coffee shop, she can get me hours at JC Penny. I’ve worked there before, usually holiday help so I have extra money for presents.

I guess my life’s kinda boring right now.



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