“First Day after College” Saturday June 4, 2016

Wow, what a weird feeling. I’m done with all of my course work. It’s not official, but I’m done with college. I’m a full-fledged adult now. It’s weird not having any homework or lesson planning or classes to think about. My final assignment was a  reflection paper.

To sum it up, I’m glad student-teaching is over and I’m eager to get a full-time job.

la-fi-mo-college-repays-loans-20130208-001I’ve worked plenty of jobs before. I’ve done a lot of babysitting and I worked my way up to shift-manager at a coffee shop at the end of high school through college. But to think that a year from now I might actually have my career started… that’s kinda why I started this blog.

I still haven’t heard back from any schools. Everyone has a different opinion about when people hire. Some say principals do all of the hiring in the spring, others say right when school ends, some people say right before school starts. I’m sure it has something to do with budgets and student count, but it would be nice to know if anyone even saw my applications. I haven’t even received any rejection letters.

Something like, “thank you for applying but you don’t have any experience so we’re hiring someone older” letter would be nice.

Some jobs have been posted for months, some just posted this week. There’s no expiration on these postings so I’m assuming if a position is posted on the job listings that the jobs are available.

My step-dad is all like, “it’s all about who you know” and I’m like, “I just graduated. I don’t know anyone.”

Mrs. D. offered to look at my applications, but she doesn’t hire people. I should have asked my principal, but he was kinda scary. I’m doubting if my answers were any good or maybe my resume wasn’t good. I don’t know. I got good grades and I have an ESL endorsement. I guess it’s too soon to worry about it.

I haven’t talked to Johnny since last night. I spent all morning watching Netflix in my pajamas. It was awesome.



3 thoughts on ““First Day after College” Saturday June 4, 2016

    • Thanks for the compliment, if it really is a compliment. But it seems like you’re not just saying that so I’ll follow your blog. Which would be okay if you really think my blog is great. But if you’re just dropping false “great blogs” so people will do the same for you than, well, not okay.


  1. No really did enjoy the blog. I totally had flash backs to when I was coming out of shook and began the search for my first job. I currently am going back to finish my masters degree to become a principal which has been a real eye opener. I know you mentioned being scared of the principal at your school but don’t be they are a great tool to use in this process. Good luck!

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