OMG! What a day/night!!

The last day of school was wonderful! Mrs. Dario brought in cookies and had the entire class write me thank you notes 🙂

Mrs. Dario had her students write letters to themselves on the first day of school. It was  so much fun to watch them read their letters aloud. Most of them had completely forgotten about them. I’m definitely going to steal that idea!

The mothers threw an end of the year party and a lot of the mom’s said that they were going to miss me. That was sweet! Mrs. Dario cried at the end of the day. She gave me a big hug and said that she’d always be available to help me if I need anything down the line.

I was really touched by how much Mrs. D. cares!650927b84bbe2f8e07ba62cd488eda2f

So I felt great leaving school, but then I had to go home. My mom wanted to take me out to dinner to celebrate my last day. I told my mom a long time ago that I was going out with Johnny.

Mom said that Johnny can come along, too. She gave me this whole guilt trip about how I’m all grown up and she wants to do this for me.

So I texted Johnny that my mom wanted to take me out to dinner. He said he didn’t want to go out to dinner with my mom. He already made plans to take me into the city. Some of his friends go to school there and they have a loft apartment. So I texted him that we can go out to eat with my mom and then go downtown. He’s like “i don’t want 2 keep evry1 waiting. just meet me when ur done” WTF?!

I was upset–especially coming off of my great day. And my mom’s all like “what’s wrong? is johnny mad at me for wanted to take you out?”

I told her no. That we’d be going later to meet up with his stupid friends. I had a nice dinner with my mom. She’s been working at JC Penny’s since before I was born. She’s really proud of me and got me a really nice teacher bag. We talked about where I might be working and I told her about my day.

After dinner I texted Johnny at like 6:45 to ask him where they’re at and if they’re all just hanging out at the apartment. No reply. So I try calling him at 7:30. No answer. I checked his facebook and nothing. (I hate facebook, but that’s a topic for another blog)

Finally at like 8 he texts back: “srry – ddnt chck my fone – u still coming? w r here”

At that point i didn’t feel like going out. I don’t really like his friends all that much and I’m mad at him for not coming out to dinner. Also he never even said congratulations or asked me how my last day went. So it didn’t text him back right away. I decided to watch New Girl and wait to see how I felt.

At 8:15 he texts “?

At 830 I decide to not go out and not to text him back.

At 8:42 he finally calls. He’s been drinking. And it’s loud in the background. He’s like “Areyouonyourway?”funny-memes-when-your-girlfriend-hears-fun

Me: “No.”

Johnny: “Why nah? Wuz wrong?”

Me: “Nothing. I just don’t feel like coming out.”

Johnny: “Whatthehell, Jez? We’re all waiting foru. We have, lie, presenz and suff foru.”

Background friend: “is she not coming?”

Johnny: “No! shesays she’s tire.”

Background friend: “Dude! tell her we made a whole tray of jell-o shots just for her!”

Johnny: “T-Bo sez he has jello shoz foru.”

Other background friend: “Johnny! it’s your turn!”

Me: “Gross”

Johnny: “I thaw you lie jello shoz.”

Me: “No…”

Johnny: (quieter now. i think he stepped outside) “are you mad adme?”

Me: “A little.”

Johnny: “Why?”

Me: “because you’d rather hang out with your friends than go to dinner with me and my mom.”

Johnny: “I tole you this is wha wewere doing tonigh and you sethawuz cool. You’re theone thad rather hang ouwith your mom thaywith me, so whazna differenz? You’re thaone tha bail, na me”

At this point I’m upset that we’re fighting and begin to cry.

Me: “Whatever. I’ll talk to you tomorrow.” Click.

After my emotionally uplifting day and my emotionally deflating evening I’m exhausted. And i can’t sleep. G’night.



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