“1 More Day of School!” Thursday June 2, 2016

f9148828b9240464e5c2106a3220ae9bThe last week of school is a joke. The report cards were already due last Friday so it’s not like anything we did this week counts towards their grades. I did finish “Charlotte’s Web”, though. Nobody cried. In fact most of the kids started giggling. I had to keep reminding them that there’s still two day of school left, but they don’t care.

Some of them said that they would miss me. My favorite kid has been giving me hugs all week 🙂

Mrs. Dario has said that I’ll remember this group of students the most because every class from now on will be a direct comparison to this group of kids.

I know if I wouldn’t have been able to get through the year if it wasn’t for Mrs. D. Not only was she an excellent mentor teacher, but she had all of the worksheets made for me. She let me keep copies of everything, so I have a filing cabinet full of a year’s worth of 4th grade curriculum. But I don’t know if I want to teach 4th grade again. I think I would rather have younger students.

I mean, the younger kids are obviously cuter! But I had some trouble with the content, too. I didn’t realize that fourth graders worked with fractions and multi-digit division and I’m terrible at math! Even some of the Language Arts stuff was confusing too.

I followed up on some applications. I applied to my old elementary school, but I don’t think anyone that was there while I was there even remembers me. Mrs. Michaels moved a couple of years after I had her. And I don’t really remember any of my other teachers.

Anyway… only 1 more day!!



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