“I Don’t Think I Like Drinking Anymore” Thursday June 30, 2016

yoga-for-hangoversI’m so hungover. Yes, I went out last night. It was with all of my future roommates and Hank. We were celebrating the fact that Johnny got the job!

He’s not sure what the job is, but it’s a full-time job with all the benefits. T-Bo and Petty were very excited.

So we went out to that bar across the street from our new place and slept on the floor at Hanks.

And I have to give props to T-Bo and Petty. They went to work today after we closed the bars last night. I heard them leave around 8. I’m actually impressed.

I don’t remember what I was drinking so I’ve decided to just never drink anything again. And I don’t remember ever being physically exhausted, but I feel like I was in boxing match last night. It hurts to type and the brightness of the screen is hurting my eyes. I’m going to go throw up again and try to go back to sleep.



“Another Job Lead” Wednesday June 29, 2016

I got another interview lined up! This one is pretty far away, but it’s a new school. They’ve only been open for a couple of years and that area is growing. So they’re actually looking to fill four positions. I’m being interviewed for the first grade position, but will be considered for the others!

fight-low-payI’m not too excited to have to commute 40 miles one way and it’s REALLY bad timing considering I just signed my lease, but I guess that’s my life.

I could always pass on the job, but I would probably make twice as much money as a full-time teacher than I’ll make as a substitute teacher. I only make $110 per day. Even if I work all 180 school days that’s still less than $20k per year.

I guess I get a bump after the first 30 full days of working, but that’s still a really shitty wage. Not to mention that I don’t have healthcare benefits. They do pay into retirement, though.

The interview is next Tuesday. I was planning on staying at the loft, but the house is closer and I don’t want to risk getting lost or being late. However, Google maps still says it’ll take over an hour to get there.

Also, I’ve been packing for two days. I’m pretty good at it, though. It’s the same routine I did to pack up each year to go to college.


“The Empty-Nest Syndrome” Tuesday June 28, 2016

One of the saddest moments of my life was watching my mom break down into a 2344blubbering imbecile when she dropped me off at college. It was so sad! She just sobbed uncontrollably with audible moans like an old Italian grandmother at her mafia son’s funeral.

What I’m trying to say is that my mom is kinda emotional. So she insisted on spending the entire day together since I’m “all grown-up” now.

Which was great for me, actually. We spent the day shopping for stuff I’m going to need at our apartment like kitchen utensils, lamps, rugs, and essentials like toilet paper and paper towels.

We also had a LONG talk about Johnny. I didn’t tell her that we kinda broke up, but she knew that we were having problems since she hasn’t seen him around. She gave me a lot of “you’re an adult, you can make your own decisions”.

I’m sure that living together will be so much better for me and Johnny. We’ll get to see each other more often. And I don’t remember if I mentioned this, but Johnny had an interview today at T-Bo and Petty’s company. It’s an entry-level position in the finance department. I’m not sure if Johnny is qualified, but apparently T-Bo and Petty are both vouching for Johnny’s abilities.

I think with us both having real jobs things should be good.

“Substitute Teaching Training” Monday June 27, 2016

I’m officially trained to be a substitute teacher. I lucked out that we signed the lease yesterday because they wanted proof that I reside in the city limits.

It was a full classroom of people of all different types. We filled out our tax paperwork and then a whole bunch of other stuff. The training took forever because they apparently must hire people that have never taught before!

I didn’t think that was allowed, but I might be wrong. The training was basically all the “no’s” of teaching. No touching or beating the students, no racial slurs, no swearing, no inappropriate clothing, no giving out personal information, etc.

bored-young-student-woman-desk-18070412It’s kinda sad that this kind of training is even necessary. I would feel like the only reason they would tell us not to give out our personal phone number to students is because some substitute must have done that at some point.

The other training part was actually useful. How to get our assignments. It’s all online. Teachers post days that they need off and we get to select them. Teachers can request us, too, which is cool. They said it’s important to check it often because good positions are snatched up fast.

Also, if we don’t have an assignment for that day and a position still hasn’t been filled then we can be called as early as 5 am. The woman running the training says that usually teachers are good about putting in for a substitute, but in case of an emergency she really needs us to cooperate.

I guess I’m excited to at least have a Plan B. The people in the training were either my age or really old.

“Things are Not as Good as I Thought” Sunday June 26, 2016

So I looked at this “loft” today. What a dump! Yes, there are three bedrooms and two bathrooms. It is on the top floor of a three story greystone. We do have access to the roof which is cool.

are_you_kidding_me__by_azilim-d3jpdedI suppose the place has potential, but it’s really dirty. It’s old. It smells funny. The ceilings are really low. There’s only light in the front and the back. The kitchen is ancient and small. The bathroom tiles are all moldy.

It’s just an old, crappy place. But apparently this is a good price for that neighborhood.

The guys didn’t seem to care about the condition of the apartment. They’re excited because there’s a cool bar/restaurant across the street.

Also, there’s only street parking. The entire building has three spaces in the back, but the landlord is apparently using two of them and the third spot goes to the guy in the basement, Hank. Hank was our referral and he smelled so much like alcohol it made me want to vomit.

I’m not sure if I’m cut out for city living. My mother was supportive. She came out visit and told the landlord that the place needed to be professionally cleaned before we moved in. She said that it wasn’t in a “livable condition.” The landlord is an old Russian woman or something and she said she would have cleaners come out. We’re set to move in on July 1st.


“Things Are Looking Good!” Saturday June 25, 2016

Tomorrow after my shift I’m going to go downtown to look at the apartment with Johnny, T-Bo, and Petty. Johnny went to school in the city and roomed with T-Bo and Petty before. T-Bo and Petty are both computer science majors. They work together at an online coupon company based in the city. They’re apparently very intelligent but I’ve only seen them act like complete morons.

rs_560x415-150202182918-1024-new-girl-the-swuit.jw.2215I spent most of the day texting Johnny to get more details. I didn’t realize that we would be moving in so quickly but this apartment just became available and they were referred by their other friend who apparently lives in the building.

T-Bo already put in the application and I guess we’ll be signing the lease tomorrow. I have to come up with my share of the security deposit and my share of the first month’s rent which is basically all of my money. But, the idea of having my OWN place is pretty awesome!

I’ll probably still stay at my parent’s place when I have to work at the coffee shop and spend my days off in the apartment. Until I start substitute teaching in the fall.

I’m so excited!

“Things are Falling Into Place” Friday June 24, 2016

eventually-all-the-pieces-fall-into-placeFirst off, I think things are okay between me and Jason. He told me he started dating a girl from his school. I’ve been giving him advice and LOVING how shy and silly teenagers are! I think our (ahem) “experience” together has brought us closer together. I’m rooting for him and his little “girlfriend.” She’s adorable and came into the coffee shop today. It was a little awkward meeting her, but Jason also told me that they haven’t “done it” yet. LOL

As for me and Johnny, I think he’s actually serious about getting a place in the city. He said T-Bo put in an application at a place in the same neighborhood as his other group of friends. It’s a three bedroom/two bath. Johnny and I would get to share the master bedroom and have our own bathroom and T-Bo and Petty would get their own room. The rent is $2100 a month which means I would owe $525 plus utilities. So… hopefully I won’t have to commute an hour each way to work at the coffee shop.

I put in a couple of applications for the city school district. I applied for a substitute teaching job yesterday and received a call from them today. The woman from the district said that since I was new to the district I would have to attend a training on Monday. It’s an all day training, so I have to be there at 9am and it goes until 5pm!

So in less than a couple of days I already have a place to live and a job as a substitute teacher!