“Last Week of School” Tuesday May 31, 2016

OMG! My students were so rowdy today. I think it’s because the school year’s ending and I’ll be leaving. I’m worried that maybe Mrs. Dario will be upset that I’ve let them get away with so much.

I’m not very good about punishing students.

1schools_out1Most of them are really sweet so it hasn’t been too bad. I suppose they tested me a little bit when I started. Fortunately, Mrs. Dario is an excellent teacher and the kids straighten right up whenever she walks in.

I was able to read to them a lot more today. I love reading to kids. I like it when it’s really quiet and they’re all paying attention. It doesn’t happen very often.

I’m trying to finish Charlotte’s Web before I have to go. It’s one of my favorite books. My 3rd grade teacher read it to us, so I feel like I’m completing the circle by reading it to my students. (I’m hoping to make some of the tougher kids cry ;-))

I’m pretty tired. Only 3 more days to go!


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