“Applying for Jobs” Monday May 30, 2016

I spent the WHOLE holiday weekend applying to jobs. These applications TAKE FOREVER! I must have applied for like 30 positions. There aren’t a whole lot of jobs posted near my parent’s house (where I live). chewFortunately, I think I can move out on my own if I find a job so I’ve been casting my net far and wide. My boyfriend, Johnny, also lives with his parents. I haven’t talked to him about moving in together, but right now he’s just working at Menards. He has a Bachelor’s degree in Communications and has been looking for a job since he graduated in December. I think if we lived together it’d make things much easier financially.

Anyway, these applications suck buttholes! There’re so many essay questions and I feel like there’s no way any person doing the hiring can read all of these.

A lot of people say I won’t be able to find a job being a fresh grad.

They say I’ll have to be an aide or something and work my up. So I applied for some paraprofessional positions in some good school districts, too.

Mrs. Dario wrote me a very nice letter of recommendation. She asked if I would be applying to her school. I told her yes, but there’s only one position available and it’s to be an aide in the special needs classroom. I’d be working with kids who are in wheel chairs and wear diapers. I don’t really want to do that. I really want to have MY OWN classroom.

I’ll let you know if I get any calls for interview! Fingers-crossed!



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