“Why I Want to Be a Teacher” Sunday May 29, 2016

I’ve want to be a teacher because of my 3rd grade teacher, Mrs. Michaels. I have little memory of my other elementary school teachers, but I remember everything from Mrs. Michaels room.

Mrs. Michaels had way of making learning fun.

teacherShe turned everything into a game and she was so funny! I know a lot of kids in elementary school say they want to be teachers. I think that’s because they have a limited imagination and their other choices are usually between a firefighter, a policeman, and a doctor.

But I never changed my mind. I used go home and reteach Mrs. Michaels lessons to my stuffed animals. I think that’s why I remember so much.

Mrs. Michaels  is the reason I’m going to become a teacher. Also, now that I’ve spent time student-teaching, I know that this is what I want to do!


What do you think?

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