“Welcome to My Blog” Saturday May 28, 2016

Welcome to my blog! My teacher name is Miss Sinclair and this is my blog about my career as a teacher. My college professor recommended I keep a “teaching diary” so I can reflect on my teaching experiences, and I thought it would be nice to share my experiences with the world!

I’m 23 and I have about one week left of my student teaching experience! I’m very excited to finally be graduating and earning my teaching certificate!

I’ve wanted to be a teacher since 3rd grade and seeing my dream about to come true is a remarkable feeling!

I feel like my student teaching experience went really well! I have such a great mentor-teacher, and I’ve learned so much! I also love my students! I have 4th graders, whom I’ve never worked with before. I was super nervous that they wouldn’t like me, but I’m happy to say that it looks like I’ll be finishing the year strong.

20-Least-complicated-AS-WELL-AS-Worst-Habits-Involving-New-BloggerBut, it wasn’t all great. I have a handful of students that gave me some behavioral issues. Fortunately, my mentor-teacher helped me out by working with those kids individually. I think a lot of their behaviors were caused because they were reading WAY below grade level. I think after I’ve been teaching for a while I’d like to take on a student teacher. It’ll be my way of paying-it-forward for all the things Mrs. Dario has done for me.

Anyway, I’ll write more later. I just wanted to make sure this website is up and running!


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